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You are a LEWD GRANNY trying to feed your vice at a wedding. Quite a few young folk here but thankfully, there are people your age you know as well. Life at your retirement homes aren’t exactly a roaring time. But tonight, you are looking to have a great evening. However, all of your relatives are concerned that you might break a hip. They don’t know the life still left in you and you look to show these hip young things a trick or two.

This fun one-shot TTRPG uses a Bingo card for the action resolution. You roll 1 or 2 d20s depending on your action. If you can cross it off your card, you succeed! Else, you fail. When a player gets a Bingo!, their action goes from normal to an incredible feat!

Fulfill your vices by the end of the night before your group causes too much trouble. Otherwise everyone gets sent back to their homes!

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Lewd_Grannies_Rules.png 1 MB
Lewd_Grannies_Master_of _Ceremonies_Rules.pdf 301 kB
LG_Bingo_Card_Fillable_Numbers.png 91 kB
LG_Bingo_Card_w_Numbers.png 157 kB


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This is awesome.  I made a sight mod for a friend's son for his 10th Birthday where the goal is to get into birthday party mischief.  I can share it if you would like.  Found out about it through Nikki from Beholder to no one podcast.

This was such a fun game! Hilarious antics, and a wonderful wedding with lots of chaos. 10/10 recommend!


Oh dang, i'm excited to play this one!

It has awesome character traits to customize your granny, plenty of opportunity to get AWKWARD (probably other guests being freaked out by your nasty grandma) and general wedding party fun!! What's not to like it?

Simple and super flavourful system. And don't even get me started on that bingo sheet and mechanics...!

I really want to be an inconvenient granny now!